Interviews, etc.

It was a pleasure meeting Jay Leno and watching his flawless performance.
Claude Hall owner of the Las Vegas Gun Show where the Gilmore gun was first shown.
Stilson holding a rifle that once belonged to Ronald Reagan at the Cody Firearms museum with former curator Warren Newman. 
 Not all collectible and extremely valuable guns were used to kill. One such firearm will likely never be sold but can be viewed at the Cody Firearms museum in Wyoming. This custom built Winchester model 94 30-30 caliber rifle was designed for former President Ronald Reagan . It showcases gold inlays depicting achievements of his life such as; a football which reflects his days as a player at Eureka College; an antique microphone representing his time as a sportscaster; the famous drama masks depicting his career as an actor; and a Screen Actors’ Guild logo representing his presidency of that organization. Also the seal of California and the Presidential Seal of the United States. The final inlay is a portrait of Ronald Reagan. President Reagan left this rifle to his chauffeur and it was donated by his family to the museum. This can be a very good way to not only get the write off on your taxes as a charitable donation but also guarantees you a respectable place in history for others to view.

One of the first
interviews Stilson did was with Larry Pratt former Director G.O.A. on his well known radio show “Live Fire”