The true story of the gun that brought back capital punishment to America.

The Gilmore Gun – “Echo of Murder” by Dennis R. Stilson

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Life after Execution” The story of the

Gilmore gun.

July 1976 – Gary Gilmore robbed and murdered a gas station attendant in Orem, Utah.

The following day he again robbed and murdered the manager of a motel in Provo, Utah. The same pistol was used for both murders and is now known as the “Gilmore Gun.” January 1977 – Gilmore was executed only six months after committing murder. His death was by firing squad making him the first person to be executed in America in over a decade ending a federal moratorium prohibiting capital punishment nationwide. The firearm used by Gilmore for both of these tragic robberies and murders was returned to the owner from whom Gilmore stole it after the court case and execution. It was stored away for 25 years before resurfacing.


One of American histories most famous, historical, and valuable firearms.

January 17, 2022 marks 45 years since the execution of Gary Mark Gilmore

The Gilmore Gun  

Editorial Book Reviews

The Gilmore Gun – Echo of Murder is a fascinating account of a key crime in American history and the tale of the gun involved. Amazingly, there are times when the criminal has a higher commitment to justice than many in the system. Stilson preserves an important record with this book. – Larry Pratt – Executive Director – Gun Owners of America

My favorite quote in the book was ” I didn’t realize how much opinions about guns differ in America. I simply never considered other’s lifestyles.” This book tells a true and tragic story of a failed family and a piece of equipment that became famous because it was used to do a terrible evil. JEANIE ALMOND – Director of Education – Elm Fork Shooting sports – Dallas, Tx


The extra-ordinary life story of the Gilmore Gun, a .22 caliber Browning pistol that rose from humble origins to become America’s most wanted firearm, is a fascinating parable for the modern age. -Toby Dye- Award winning documentary producer and director. Toby Dye said, Quote “This story is extremely rare for two reasons, first; you are trying to do something good with the gun, your experience and story, second; you are still alive to do it.”

“A shocking, but thought-provoking story… well researched and told. The author knows his subject and pries open the reader’s mind for a look into the real world.” Forrest Bryant Johnson – author of Phantom Warrior and Hour of Redemption. 4.0 out of 5 stars

4.0 out of 5 stars Interesting and fascinating 18 Sep 2011 By Keri Boda – Published on I have always known of the Gary Gilmore story since I was a small child. My Mother loved the book,The Executioner’s Song and the tv movie based on it. I had no clue of the interesting story behind the actual weapon used in the crimes. Dennis Stilson has written an interesting book that not only tells the story of the crime and the criminal and his background, but it is also, (and the main story of the book)the weapon used in horrible crimes. Mr. Stilson knows whereof he speaks. He has personal ties to the crimes and as a firearms dealer and bounty hunter, he is familiar with the law and weapons. He presents the story of The Gilmore Gun thoughtfully and in a way as to not lose readers who might not be interested in weapons. I found this a very interesting read that was well researched and presented.I am proud to say I own a copy of this book. If you are interested in True Crime books, this is one you need to add to your collection. If you are a firearms enthusiast, this book will interest you a great

The “Gilmore gun” is a Browning Challenger II semi-automatic .22 LR FACT- “No other firearm in ANY CASE has legally affected everyone in America at this level, the return of the most severe punishment for committing the most horrendous crime.”

Beginning over fifty years ago Dennis Stilson’s ties with one of America’s key historical murder cases continues. He gives a unique and qualified perspective of the epilogue of a murder weapon. As an experienced firearm dealer, bail bondsman, and bounty hunter his background adds to this rare view of the execution that brought back capital punishment to America and the events that surrounded one of history’s rarest collectible firearms. Articles, documents, and court records all solidify the extraordinary tale of the Gary Gilmore murders and the Gilmore Gun.

Gary Gilmore

The chair that Gary Gilmore sat in while executed. January 17, 1977.